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than you!

Lake County Council

for Seniors

doing good deeds for good people,
to improve SENIOR life, 
and understanding!

Doing good deeds 
for those in need

​with your help!


Volunteers are the backbone of Lake County Council for Seniors and everyone can be a volunteer - there's no such thing as a "typical" volunteer. Our volunteers are as diverse as the volunteer opportunities available.

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Member Businesses

Partnership is a two-way street. Find out who supports Lake County Seniors


  • BAP-Benefit Access Program (formerly Circuit Breaker)
  • Homestead Tax Freeze Application
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Medicare and Medicaid information
  • Utility assistance 
  • Transportation service referrals
  • Healthcare issues
  • Adult Day Care services

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       August 6, 2014
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Senior EXPO 2014

So You Think YOU Can Spell? 

Have fun, show your kids and grandkids 

that you've still got it, and help feed Lake
County's hungry folks!
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